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Cozy Candles Studio

The Coffeehouse

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This listing is for our October subscription. This is the first installment in our newly released product! Shipping is included in the price. You have all of September to place an order, and the first week of October your subscription will ship! Please do not place an order until  the earliest of September 1st.

Your choices are:

The Variety Box

Your box includes:
-12 oz candle
-Jar of pebble wax melts (NEW!!)
-Bar of soap*

The Candle Only Box

Your box includes:
-3 12 oz candles

The boxes will both include exclusive scents only available first through the subscription boxes! If we have an excess amount of product after orders are placed at the end of September, they will be made available the second week of October.

*Soap cures in a months time. A batch procures 20-25 bars. If we receive more orders than we anticipate, the remaining boxes will receive a car diffuser instead of a bar of soap. As this is our first run, we will learn from this "trial", and be able to prepare better for the next month.*