Hi, We're Sam and Will!

We started CCS after COVID-19 took hold of the world. I wish we would have started this adventure sooner, but that's the truth of our situation. But that's not the main topic of our story. We used to shop at Bath and Body Works, Target, even Walmart for our candles and wax melts. I'm, Sam, really bad when it comes to candles. Literally every time we visited Target, I'd stop at the candle section. But I quickly found out that we were wasting money in the long run continously buying candles that didn't last long, and quite honestly affected me negatively. I was constantly having headaches from breathing in the chemicals. It was then that I learned what ingrediants were in most commonly bought candles. Greatfully, and probably my husband's biggest mistake, I was gifted a candle making set for Christmas 2020. And that was when Cozy Candles Studio was born.
Cozy Candles is a combination of my need to have a cozy home smelling...well cozy, and to have something that is mine, that I built from the ground up. I was a receptionist for most of my career as an adult...which hasn't been long. I'm only 25 years old! But I quit my job to go back to school to become an editor, and to run this business while my husband works in the Air Force, and helps out when he cans. Together, we curate scents that we both enjoy and that we think others will; and in all honesty, this business wouldn't exist without him.
At the core, CCS is all about making you feel good, and making your home safer, healthier...cozier!