Why Soy Wax? And What Are Its Benefits?

Why Soy Wax? And What Are Its Benefits?

It's become more and more normal to be mindful over the products that we purchase and what we use in our daily lives. We consider what we're actually bringing into our homes, if it may or may not be harmful to us, our children, and/or pets. More and more society is opening their arms to natural and sustainable products. CCS uses ingredients such as soy wax to provide a natural and clean experience. The following are reasons why we recommend switching from corporation produced and/or cheaper sourced candles which are potentially dangerous, and why we use soy wax for our business. We strive to keep a small carbon footprint by purchasing from US suppliers, and supporting supplier businesses who share in the same ideal.

♥ Soy Wax is Natural

CCS uses 100% natural soy wax, which is derived from soybeans, a renewable source grown in the USA. Purchasing candles made with soy wax helps support the agricultural businesses as well as the chandlers like Cozy Candles Studio. And maybe at the end of the day, you may even feel good about helping out the environment.

♥ Soy Wax Lasts Longer Than Parrafin

Soy candles last longer due to the slower burn and cooler temperature the oil and flame fuel together. This means you don't have to spend as much money on constantly repurchasing candles because you blew through your last one. But don't let that stop you from buying more...there's plenty of scents to go around!

♥ Soy Wax is Non-Toxic

Paraffin is derived from oil, while soy wax is taken from soybeans, naturally grown. When burned, it doesn't emit toxins that are hazardous to ones health such as carcinogens and pollutants. Plus soy wax is biodegradable! 

♥ Soy Wax Provides An Even Scent Throw

While paraffin provides an immediate reaction, soy candles need a little bit of time to provide that scent you as the customer are looking for. But don't fret! While the soy candle slowly burns, the melt pool will grow allowing more and more of the fragrance into the air. However some scents do not mix well with soy, and CCS strives to provide a wonderful smelling candle just for you as best we can. 

Hopefully you learned a little bit about soy wax, and have a better understanding of why we use this natural wax in our products, and the benefits its provides the environment and society. We hope this doesn't deter you from purchasing from us or any other natural soy wax business owner as we aim to spread the environment with healthy and delicious smelling scents as much as we can.

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