How To Make Your Cozy Candle Last

How To Make Your Cozy Candle Last

Here are 3 things we cannot recommend enough to ensure you're getting the most out of your candle:


I even tell my husband this sometimes. Even when we're alone, we should also be practcing good candle burning etiquette. You won't find us the only chandlers telling you to trim your wick either. And here's why. It allows your candle to burn properly without producing soot or getting too hot. It also allows your candle to burn evenly.

2. Pay attention to your melt pool.

A melt pool is the liquid wax meeting the edges of your vessel. This is extremely important, especially during your first burn. I recommend customers burn to the edges every time just to be safe to avoid tunneling, and so the wick doesn't drown in the wax build up.

3. Burn wherever you are.

But only if it's safe. We want to avoid fires and any harm that could occur. Plus a safe space prolongs the life of your Cozy candle. That means nowhere near a heating or cooling vent, nowhere near a draft which could be coming from an open window. Simply keep you candle away on a fire resistance surface, away from light or a draft, and you'll get the best from your Cozy candle.

Happy burning!

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