3 Things to Look For In An Eco-Friendly Candle

3 Things to Look For In An Eco-Friendly Candle

There is a plethora of candles out there, from small businesses such as Cozy Candles Studio to larger brands that mass produce their products. There are plenty of cleaner burning candles for you to choose from. 

Here are 3 things you should look for in an eco-friendly candles!

1. Wax

I won't lie, my husband and I never paid attention to the wax of our candles before, but naturally that all changed when we got into the candle making business. I cannot believe I'd been paying again and again for products that contained paraffin wax (petroleum-derived.) This ingredient is not healthy for the environment, nor is sustainable or renewable, which the soy in our candles most definitely is. 

2. Fragrance Oils

Much like the ingredient list on food, we don't expect you as a consumer to read an ingredient list on a candle. But if you ever happen to find yourself doing so, look at candles that promote naturally derived oils, or phthalate-free, or anywhere on the packaging that states the fragrance is natural and nontoxic.

3. Wicks

I'm still shocked to know this but some wicks have metal cores! That means they contain lead! We cannot stress it enough that you find a cotton wick or wood wick candle to burn. 

Also worth mentioning, even if you find one of the two wicks stated above, keep note of it when you burn it. If your vessel is getting too hot that you cannot touch it safely, then the wick is not the right size for the vessel, and then could release soot. 


If you happen to have any further questions on this topic, please do reach out, and we can talk about it! We know personally that it sucks buying something you thought was a good thing only to eventually find out it was not.

Naturally, you can shop for all these quality ingredients in our candles at Cozy Candles Studio!

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